We have found the very best trainers in New York 
to help you achieve your fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle goals.
Browse our gallery of trainers, or stop in to pick up a brochure at the front desk for more information.
Trainers are independent of the gym.
We scouted the top and ensure they are certified and qualified, 
offering you the best in personal training services.
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Debra Duby 917.968.8288
Deborah Jackson 917.805.2885
Declan Julien 718.687.8802
Jake Koenig www.jakekoenig.com
Jen Mammana Miller 917.842.1948
Dolores Natividad 917.609.2530
Susan Parker 917.882.0619
Carly Pizzani carlypizzani@yahoo.com
Gina Quinzani 347.889.0388
Gardy Reglas 917.412.8978
Terrell Stanback 646.318.5533
Robert Weiss 917.589.1559